Karma Project

2010 Christmas

I finally learned how to add a page on which I can share Holiday Projects and giveaways, etc.

Welcome to my holidays.  I hope you will find something you like.

From Aisha's Blog

This is going to be an introduction to all the happenings here on the blog.

I will be sharing many of my crafts, recipes, and ritual do's and don’ts. I will also include spells that I have that are great for the season. I will not be listing associations as there are many listed within the pagan community.

My traditions have taken years to form and are constantly evolving ,so what I share today, may not be what your tradition is like, please share in the comment sections, even blog about the differences if you would like, make sure to leave a comment about it and I will definitely swing over and check it out.

Most importantly have fun my loves, this is a joyous season, one in which the Light of the World returns to us, however you view that like is up to you.

Brightest Blessing in this Blessed Season